Improve the energy efficiency of your building

Renew your building and enjoy an efficient and secure home

What are the benefits of refurbishing your building with Effic?

We conduct ITES and inspect facades to ensure non-flammable materials

Very competitive financing

Comprehensive rehabilitation service. Turnkey

We are a building renovation agent and have experience in more than 50,000 renovations

You will reduce your gas and electricity bills by up to 50%

Grant management

Increase the value of your home by up to 20%

Enjoy increased security in your building

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Building renovation simulatorDiscover the cost of renovating your building
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What services do we offer to renovate your building?

Centralized installationsFacades and roofsElevatorsEnergy certification management for buildingsAir conditioning and/or heat pumpsBoiler replacementsAerothermal installationsExterior carpentry replacementPhotovoltaic panelsGrant management

What is the process like? We take care of everything

We advise you and manage the whole process of renovation, financing and application for European Union funding

Just enjoy your new home

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We visit your building
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We process your grant
We manage the application for grants through the Next Generation European Funds and, if you need it, we help you to find financing
Renovation begins
We comprehensively manage the process of execution of renovation work, permits and documentation
Your building is ready!
We deliver your more efficient building, you will start saving on your energy bill and enjoy a more comfortable home, and it will have a higher market value.
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